Three Wheel Drive Festival asked us to design a table for 25-30 people, and we took the opportunity to experiment with bamboo in collaboration with Public House engineers. With no two pieces of bamboo the same, and big variations in diameter and usable length, we settled on a threaded bamboo system, whereby 160 carefully drilled and organised bamboo lengths are threaded onto 13 steel rods in a sequence. The sequence builds up to create a 7.5m truss structure, with a 5m span between the table legs, and admittedly a small bounce in the middle! There are only two types of bamboo used (bamboo with two holes 1500mm apart and bamboo with two holes 760mm apart), and we hope that this simplicity means that the same bamboo can be used to create something entirely different in the future which takes note of these starting dimensions.

YEAR: 2023
COLLABORATORS: Public House, Three Wheel Drive
TEAM: Alys Hargreaves, Felix Sagar, James Hepper, Millicent Green